An Invitation

It has been my distinct honor, for as long as I have held a camera, to take photos for The First Presbyterian Church of Pooler. 

CMP An Invitation

The purpose, the reason why I take pictures is not to be showy, but rather create a visual reminder. Like the stones of remembrance that were piled to remind the Israelites of God's faithfulness. A place to look back at, to remember how good God has been to us.

So I would like to invite you, this Sunday, September 17, 2017.  Come at 10:00 am for a tour of the new space and a light continental breakfast.  The worship service starts at 11:00 am and will last about one hour. 

My first experience with First Pres Pooler was in a storefront building and a one small nursery down the hall.  The church grew, military families joined us, Gulfstream families joined us.  Some had to leave and we were very sad.  Many more families and children came.  We shared life.  The church moved to it's current location at 1115 Hwy 80 East in Pooler.  The classrooms filled, the families kept coming.  The friendships grew.  It was time to expand again.  This most recent expansion gave us our sanctuary.  It is special.  It is a moment reminding us of God's faithfulness to us.

If God can put a camera in my hands and give me the talent to use it.  The very least I can do is document His goodness in the families that surround us and the relationships that are bound together by faith.  

CMP-An Invitation

If you look at First Pres Pooler's Facebook page you can scroll through photograph after photograph of these moments. Life happening.  Most of them I have taken. Not all, but most.  If your kid has more pictures of them at church events than at home, chances are, it is my fault.  I hope you are reminded of the people God has placed in your life, and how God is molding and refining you wherever you are. 

The Invitation

September 17, 2017

First Presbyterian Church Pooler

1115 Hwy 80 East, Pooler GA 31322

10:00 am Tour of the New Space and Light Continental Breakfast

11:00 am Worship Service (approximately 1 hour)




CMP An Invitation